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Premium Air Systems mini splits are the air conditioning system solutions that will keep you at the right temperature. We carry all brands of mini splits. These new machines are very fast to install, reducing tremendously labor time translating in big savings for you. Mini splits are ideal for your business office, bedroom, apartment complex, single, etc. With a Mini split you will avoid having your roof taken apart. Mini splits technology comes with one condenser that can be seated outside your room.

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Amcor Duo Mini Split
18,000 BTU Air Conditioner

-Rated 13 SEER
-18,000 BTU
-Can cool or heat 500-700 square feet
-Unit is electronic and able to be
fully controlled via the included
infrared remote control
-Manufacturer’s Warranty:
-5 years full warranty
on the compressor
-3 years on all parts
-Manufactured by Amcor,
a name you can trust


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